Jan 15, 2010

Adebayor: Honest error wearing Arsenal shirt

Manchester City forward Emmanuel Adebayor has revealed the reason behind him being photographed wearing an Arsenal shirt on Tuesday.
The former Gunners' striker was giving an interview following the gun attack on Togo's team coach in Angola last week, which resulted in the death of three people including Togo's assistant manager and press officer.
Media reports instead focussed on Adebayor's attire, with the Arsenal top he was wearing sparking a range of claims suggesting the forward could be returning to the Emirates Stadium, or that the pictures had been digitally modified.
However, Adebayor has admitted that the images were genuine, but that he simply had not realised what he was wearing.
"I realised this morning when I woke up that I was wearing an Arsenal shirt yesterday," he said.
"What happened was that on the Angola border, we left all our baggage on the bus and ran away. So I had nothing to wear and the first person I asked gave me that shirt.
"I didn't even realise what I was wearing. Even yesterday, instead of going to my room to sleep I went to the wrong room.
"Everyone is confused about what happened. In our heads we don't know what we are doing."
The 25-year-old added that he and his fellow countrymen are still in shock following the attack in the Cabinda region of Africa Cup of Nations host Angola.
He will also take his time before returning to England, and to action with Roberto Mancini's side.
"I am sweating every day, and every day God makes," he said. "At the moment I can't eat, I am losing weight. It is very difficult for everyone.
"I will take my time and come back on the pitch at the right time.
"My boss and my team understand that, that is the most important thing. They know I need time to recover from this.
"It is difficult because my personal press officer died in my hands, that is the worst image I have had in my life.
"He passed away in my hands. It is very difficult."

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