Jan 19, 2010

Beckham wants to end career at Manchester United, will never join City

Former Old Trafford favourite David Beckham wants to end his career at Manchester United and has rejected the idea of ever signing for rivals Manchester City , in an interview with the Daily Mirror.
Beckham, who is currently on loan at Italian giants AC Milan said that finishing his career at Manchester United "would be perfection."  He is set to return to Old Trafford this season to face the Red Devils as his AC Milan team take on Manchester United in the next round of the Champions League.
When asked whether he would consider signing for cash-rich Manchester City , Beckham frankly rejected the idea.
He said, "I would never sign for Manchester City … That's mainly because I am a Man United fan. It doesn't matter about money. It is always about loyalty with Manchester United .
"They are the team I supported and the team that I played for for years and I just couldn't bring myself to sign for City. I couldn't do it."
Although Manchester City have recently become a force to be reckoned with in English football, the former England captain believes that they will never have the world-wide appeal or attraction that Manchester United enjoy.
Beckham said, "City will never be bigger than United. Money does a lot for a club and a team, but being successful and being one of the most recognised clubs in the world doesn't come from the money.
"It's about history. There aren't many clubs that can boast the history of Manchester United , Real Madrid , Barcelona or AC Milan . It's not about having all the money in the world. All that does is creates attention but you can't buy the history of a club."

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