Jan 18, 2010

How to Last Longer

Thinking about baseball and grandma doesn’t always do the trick, does it? Beating the stigma of a “minuteman” in bed can sometimes be like conquering Everest, and aside from Viagra, a viking helmet, and horse steroids, there are only a few ways to achieve it. Luckily you’ve come to the right place because who is better between the sheets than us? No one, that’s who.


It’s no secret that the chicks get their rocks off much later than us. And if you are finished before her, you are sorely lacking in the pleasing department. One way to prolong your bed excursion is to go heavy on the foreplay. You know, to keep here all aroused and stuff. They apparently enjoy that. When participating in the pre-game fooling around, always remember to not rush things. We know it’s after 10:00 pm and reruns of “Seinfeld” are on, but spend some time on her. It’ll make her a happy gal, add some minutes to your game, and raise your moves to a whole new level.
Bonus Tip: Upstairs and downstairs. Both are equally important, Fellas.

Get Your Sweat On

It’s a proven fact that being in shape will lead to longer romps in the bedroom. Guess that means you need to do a couple of crunches and forego the Mickey D’s for a few days. Experts say ab work, upper body strength, and strong legs are the key to good sex. Um...so, the whole body, then. Don’t just be the guy who does some curls and neglects everything else. Good overall conditioning will allow you to work her over without getting tired and lazy. And hence, make you a rock star in the sack.
Bonus Tip: Crunches, squats, push-ups, and pull-ups. You’ll be a super star.


Let’s piggy-back on the whole being in shape thing, shall we? A solid, healthy diet will also make you a marathoner in the bedroom. PETA has made claims that veggie lovers have better sex. Because we want to be fair and do the research, we’re still putting that to the test and will get back to you on that one. Others suggest a high protein feedbag is the way to go -- but protein from things like grains, nuts, olive oil, and fish. Things like beef and dairy tend to slow a brother down, so a double cheeseburger may not be the way to go when you head over to your woman’s pad.
Bonus Tip: Trail mix. It’s got it all.

Stop It

When you are in the throes of it, you will sometimes lose your head and reach the point of no return a little quicker than she might want you to. Learn to recognize this level before you reach it and pump the brakes a little. Change positions. Go back to some of your earlier stuff. Switch things up. Do whatever you need to do to ease yourself away from the edge. Of course, you’ll want to get back there soon, but take her to the big “O” first.
Bonus Tip: Practice at home. Learn where your threshold is.

Please Yourself

It’s natural, and it also serves a valuable purpose for your lady.  Just remember, what’s the rule before you visit your girl? Once or twice, but NEVER a third time. That’ll just leave you as the “this has never happened to me before” guy. While most dudes don’t have to be told to have their ‘gentleman sessions’, more often than not, most forget to do the deed before they are going to get their mack on with their lady. Doing so prolongs the second (or third) time by several minutes. Science says so. And we don’t argue with science.
Bonus Tip: Hehe.

Don’t Freak Out

Sex can play mind games with you, so getting it out of your head is half the battle. Okay, maybe it’s easier said than done, but worrying about being ‘that guy’ who can’t make it much past dropping his pants will only make you ‘that guy’. Being in the zone and just relaxing will add some crucial time to your routine. If you focus on her, the foreplay, and have had a little ‘you time’ beforehand, relaxing will come easily. And of course, thinking about baseball helps.
Bonus Tip: Have some confidence. Just at least pretend you’re not a loser.

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