Jan 19, 2010

The most expensive house

Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani who has already got familiarity as a billionaire is making another history for his billion dollar luxury living place named Antilla. Mukesh Ambani's house being constructed in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, snatched the attention of people by its luxury facilities such as modern parking system, car maintenance, entertainment and healthy floors, amusing balconies, helipad, air space floor and so on.
It is not surprising that most of the rich people who are especially billionaire usually spend billions of dollars indeed for making their living places. The world's richest people Bill Gates and some others like Lakshmi Mittal are not exceptional in this case. Followed by the rich tycoon, Mukesh Ambani bought house property sized around 49,000 square feet plot placed in Mumbai in the year of 2002 and made some special plans regarding construction.

The person behind the scene
The world's fifth richest person Mukesh Ambani is the chief of petrochemical giant Reliance Industries, the biggest private sector project in India based on Mumbai. According to Forbes Magazine, Ambani possesses more than 43 billion US dollars. The Asian billionaire is a businessman by profession. He is an Indian origin and now resides at 22 storied Mumbai tower. Ambani got married with Nita. The couple has three more children.

Ins and outs of the luxury house
Ambani's highly expensive building that was estimated 60-storeyed home is situated in one of the posh street- Altamount Road. Its cost was fixed approximately two billion US dollars and four thousands crores Indian rupees. The height of the Mumbai skyscraper will suppose to be 173 meter.  
The building is planned to build with very gorgeous designs as like as maharaja's palace. It was designed by Chicago's eminent skilled designer Perkins and Will.
If anybody ask why Mukesh Ambani's house is so important to talk about, the answer is very easy that it is exceptional in terms of its diverse facilities. The special features of the building can mention here are, for instance, helipads, three rooftop landing areas, family residence of four floors with eye catching scenery of the Arabian Sea, apartments for guests hospitality, swimming pool, gym, health centre, garden, balconies, foliage floors, entertainment centre called theater reserved for cinema watching, car parking extra rooms that made it expensive and extraordinary as well.

Goes with up-do-the-minute
A number of smooth and easy elevators, several storerooms, lounges are added some specialty in the luxurious features of Ambani's Mumbai home. The entertainment hall room is decorated with up-to-date digital monitors, speakers and pricy substances. The visitors can find indoor or outdoor bar, entourage room, green room. There are some other particular arrangements for security system where guards and assistants are deployed round the clock.

What makes Antilla so expensive?
Though the building is designed to build 60 more stories, it will actually stand just 27 stories only as there would be considerably space between the floors. Each of the floors will be higher than the usual average of about three meters.

Parking and maintenance  
For keeping the vehicles in well organized inside the house, at least six more floors are reserved for parking where two are booked for personal use of Ambani's family. Besides, an in-house car servicing centre is installed in fact that is allocated for the seventh floor.

Keeping residents healthy
A floor (number ninth) called ‘health' is kept for physical exercise having some sports arrangements like swimming pool, athletics, health club and gymnasium. And for entertaining guests of Ambani family, glass fronted decorating two floors is allotted that is placed just on top of health floor.

Special decoration for the family
Having nice and wonderful views along with designs of Arabian Sea, the top four floors are arranged for using Mukesh's family included his wife, Neeta, children and mother Kokilaben.

Entertainment floor
Holding 50 people capacity, a mini theatre hall is set up at the eighth floor with a view to providing pure entertainment and amusement.

Air space floor - helipad
There is an air space at the very top two floors which will act for landing helicopters on the helipad on top of the building. It can be mention here that three helipads will be deployed above the multi-storied building.

Imagination would come in true!
It is not unexpected to imagine that once Ambani's house would vie to getting the title of most expensive house in the world where around 600 staffs will get  chance to work there. So it is better to wait and see what would be happen with wealthiest resident's house named by the mythical island ‘Antilia' that is yet to be completed.

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